Enviratex introduces the technically advanced line of Swela European boat and outdoor fabrics to the US market. These popular European fabrics have overwhelming safety, technical and esthetic advantages compared to competitive products in the US market. Enviratex fabrics are made from high tech synthetic yarns, woven and processed to exacting specifications.

Learn more about our maritime fabrics on this site. Please email us at info@Enviratex.com to learn about our upholstery and awning fabrics. We believe you’ll find that all of our products share the following advantages vs numerous competitive fabrics:

Technically superior Greater fabric stability for better shape retention and quicker, easier tailoring. Better water column. Better color consistency. Unsurpassed UV, water, dirt, grease and oil resistance.

Esthetically preferred We believe our fabrics have a richer look & feel that’s similar to natural canvas, as opposed to vinyl.

Safer Made with non-carcinogenic chemicals to put your mind at ease on both personal and environmental safety